Beds and Herts Home Beermakers



Ingredients                                                        £8,26

Propane (1.36kg @ £3/kg)                              £4.08

Electricity (6.65kWh @ £0.11694/kWh)      £0.78

Crown Caps (25)                                               £0.50

Water (32 gallons @ £0.0138/gallon)           £0.44


Total                                                                £14.06


Pale Malt  (9.1 lbs)                                         £2.97

Fuggles Hops (6.14 oz)                                  £2.88

Gervin Real Ale Yeast (sachet)                     £1.75

Water treatment chemicals                          £0.37

Whirlfloc finings                                            £0.20

Priming yeast and sugar                               £0.09


Bottle Washing                                    12 gallons

Cooling Wort                                       10 gallons

Brewing liquor                                      7 gallons

Cleaning                                                 3 gallons

With 3.28 gallons of finished beer, bottled in  25 pint bottles we have a cost of £0.56 per pint!


We have good value sources for our malt and hops so someone who is buying in smaller quantities from a homebrew shop will spend more in this area.

However, Quentin’s energy costs are quite high due to his use of propane as a fuel.  Whilst this is a good, controllable way of boiling the wort, it is quite expensive compared with electricity or using a household gas hob for smaller quantities (I have a 2.5 gallon pan that works for this).

If we are looking to save every penny, well some of us recycle our cooling wort, even if only for watering the garden  (I can’t believe Quentin doesn’t do this as his water seems quite expensive).  

Anyway in summary, it looks as if you can brew a decent pint of beer for around 50 pence, which will probably taste a lot better than what you get in the pub for £4 or more.  After all we don’t have to skimp on the ingredients!