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Czech Pilsner Lager - National recipe

1 kilo Pilsner Malt;  35 grams Saaz  hops (3.8%);  Saflager Yeast or other suitable lager yeast
You may conduct the mash and boil to your own schedule; however for the commercial brew they mash for half an hour at 50°C before raising the temperature to normal values, and instead of a vigorous boil they simmer for 2.5 hrs.
Use about 90% of the hops at the start of the boil, and add the remainder for the last five minutes.
Ferment at a cool temperature using Saflager yeast suitable for lager brewing.  Lager for a few weeks before bottling.  The starting gravity of the brew should be around 1.048.

Lager - Vogalsgang Pils (1052)


 2 lb Lager Malt

 4 oz Flaked Maize

 1 oz Wheat Malt

 1 oz Crystal Malt

 0.5 oz Hallertauer, 0.25 oz Saaz at end of boil