Beds and Herts Home Beermakers


January 10th - Food and Beer Matching

This worked well last year, so let’s try it again.  Bring along a home brew of your choice - or a commercial beer if you prefer - and some tasty snacks to share, which you think go well with the beer.  Nothing too messy please!

February 14th - Will I Amber Ale - Members Recipe 2019 National
Plus – bring ingredient for June!

March 7th - National Selection

We choose our beers for the 3 bottle class at the National.

      English IPA (1050-1060)

      Dry Stout (1045-1050)

      Barley Wine (1090+) – half bottle

April 11th - Eldridge Pope Royal Oak (B&H recipe 2019) (OG 1048   4.8 ABV)

May 9th - Fruit Beers

June 13th - Will it Brew?

Everyone who wants to be involved in the challenge buys an unusual ingredient to bring to a meeting. These ingredients can be anything but need to be a) not a normal brewing ingredient, b) food safe, c) reasonable to brew with (i.e. nothing that will kill yeast).

The ingredients are allocated to brewers randomly and everyone brews a beer using the ingredient they were given. The special ingredient needs to be at least tastable in the final beer. (Ingredients to be brought to the February meeting).


American Pale Ale – as per National Schedule OG 1045-1060; alcohol 4.5-6%.

Mild – Light, amber or dark.  OG 35-45

July 11th - Guess The Brewer

Bring a beer of your choosing that reflects your taste/personality/or whatever.  We have a blind tasting of the beers where we try and guess who brewed it.  

September 12th - Small Beer

One of the hardest challenges in brewing – to make a drinkable beer at around 3% ABV.  

October 10th - Westmalle Clones

Dubbel or Tripel or both.

November 14th - Black IPA

This is the NAWB Guest Beer for 2020, so an opportunity to try out some recipes.  Here are a couple of examples.

*  For style definitions see the BJCP 2015 guidelines